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Career Counselling Cell

In view of the new and emerging vocations, it has become necessary on the part of all stakeholders of an educational institution, particularly the institutions of higher learning; to remain focused on the latest developments in various fields, so as to acquaint our students with the changing world of academics, job and other economic activities. The Career Counselling Cell was established to cater to this need. The Career Counselling Cell, has now become a very important part of students´ support service in the college, and has been playing a very important role by carrying out various activities and organizing a host of events for the greater interest of the students.

Providing the career oriented knowledge to the students
1. To provide the application based career making knowledge to the students
2. Providing information about current job awareness
3. Providing extra career boosting academic facilities to the students
About Career Counselling Cell

The Counselling Cell provides personal and vocational guidance to students of all the departments of the College. Personal Counselling Sessions are conducted at the Centre by qualified and experienced Counsellors to help students resolve any kind of problems that they might face. These are client-oriented and are conducted on a one-to-one basis with each student where the Counsellor brings an utterly non-judgmental attitude to the table. Besides career-related problems, personal issues are also dealt with. Confidentiality is a legal requirement of counselling, and is strictly maintained. Thus the Counselling Cell provides a platform for students to pursue both their professional and personal goals with greater self-awareness, self-esteem, understanding and a focus.

Confidence issues, choosing the right career path, making choices in the various parts of life, self-doubt, peer pressure, relationship issues are only some of the problems that young people often face.Choosing the right career path is also, often, a dilemma that the students face. The Cell provides vocational guidance to students based on an analysis of their personality, talents and interest. Insights into suitable work environments are also provided in vocational guidance. For example, a person with creative personality will succeed as a writer and a person who is an introvert is less likely to succeed in face to face sales promotion. If you choose a field that excites you, you will not only enjoy your work but will also excel in your chosen field. Understanding your personality is key in choosing the right career path.Every student of every department is welcome and all students may feel free to come to the Counselling Cell.

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