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Alumni Association (Kahkashan)

The Alumni Association is an important organisation of an Institution. It provides a common platform for Alma Mater and Its Alumni to interact and contribute towards the progress and welfare of the Institution. With the aim to provide robust mechanism for communication between Alumni and its Institution, Govt. Degree College Alumni Association, GDCA (KAHKASHAN) was established in the Year, 2004. The college has rich history of producing skilled human resource who have served under different capacities. The Alumni of college include the Great Politicians (including Mr. Mir Qasim, Former Chief Minister of J&K), the Great Scholars (Prof. Shad Ramzan), the Great Administrators (including Dr. GN Itoo, Director Tourism, UT of J&K), the Great Lawyers & Social Workers (Mr. Sher Ali Boda), Businessmen and others. The Govt. Degree College Anantnag aims to uphold its glorious past by keeping in touch with its highly skilled Alumni. The College authorities as well as governing body of Alumni Association taking steps to involve Alumni in different activities of the college. The moto of the Govt. Degree College Alumni Association, GDCA (KAHKASHAN) is to make the college one of the best Institutions of the country.

Year of Establishment September, 2004
Total Members Registered 412 - Offline Members: 269, Online Members: 143

To enhance and maintain links among members of the alumni and between alumni and Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir);
To assist needy Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir) students by contributing to their academic requirements such as book allowances and financial contribution;
To provide support to Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir) Library by donating and/or assisting the library access documentary resources;
To provide incentives such as rewards and prizes to the best student researchers and best alumni models with proven record of significant contribution to society and industry in Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir).
To provide advice on the improvement of Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir) curricula and programs;
To devise ways and means of raising funds for the Association and Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir);
To encourage alumni to develop their respective careers through use of college resources and support from staff;
To initiate seminars, lecturers and other academic functions for the benefit of alumni and College;
To create and support projects deemed necessary at College;
To enhance the image of Government Degree College, Anantnag (Kashmir) and promote College as a premiere local, regional and international institution of excellence in training and research.


Eminent Alumni Participated/Felicitated

4th April, 2013

Prof. A.G. Mir

28th July, 2013

General Meeting

29th November, 2013

  • Professor A.G. Mir
  • Dr, Qazi Ahmadullah
  • Adovcate Muneer Shawl
  • Dr. Shad Ramzan

25th May, 2014

General Meeting

1st July, 2014

Prof. A.G. Mir

4th December, 2014

General Meeting

6th May, 2015

Professor Shaad Ramzan

3rd September, 2015

Meeting with IQAC

28th November, 2015

General Meeting

24th March, 2016

Professor GN Bichoo

26th September, 2016

Meeting with IQAC

13th May, 2017

Prof. A.G. Mir

31st October, 2017

  • Professor Shad Ramzan, Professor Kashmiri, University of Kashmir

25th November, 2017

Dr. MA Shah

25th November, 2020

  • Mr. Reyaz Ahamd, Admn. Officer, Rural Development
  • Pofessor Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Professor at King Abdul Aziz University
  • Professor Hanief, Sr. Assistant Professor (Islamia College)
  • Dr. Khurshid Tariq, Sr. Assistant Professor (Islamia College)

25th November, 2020
Formation of New Constitution

New Constitution of Govt. Degree College Association was formulated and drafted.

13th Feb., 2021

Virtual Meet

6th March, 2021

Virtual Meet 01932-222308