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Statistics is an art as well as science of making decisions in the face of uncertainty. Decisions based on sound statistical findings are scientific, and hence enhances desirable outcomes. In a global information society where the flow of information is ever increasing, Statistics plays a major role in shaping and providing scientific information that is useful in almost every aspect of human life, and beyond.

This is an indispensible tool of decision making for everyone whether an Administrator, a Planner, an Educationist, a Manager, a Scientist, a Health Expert or even a common man. In order to predict / forecast and draw valid and reliable inferences, one has to use Statistics. This benefits all of us because we are able to predict the future based on data we have previously gathered. Being able to predict the future not only changes our lifestyle but also helps us to be more efficient and effective and even can avoid climatic hazards like avalanches, hurricanes and tsunamis etc.

A good example is that based on data we have gathered from the past, we know that, it is extremely likely that it will snow heavily or lightly during coming winter and because we know this, we can prepare by having warm clothes ready and the proper equipment to deal with the snow. Thus, Statistics is one of the most important fields which caters to the need of the society at large and of course provides better employment opportunities for the students opting for the subject. 01932-222308