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Dear students, the contemporary academics hinges not only on the theoretical development but also on the application of scientific knowledge to problem solving. The discipline of geography, while bridging the gap between natural and social sciences, is inherently an analytical science with its main focus on interdisciplinary research. The Department of Geography figures prominently in the list of leading departments of Govt. Degree College (Boys) Anantnag. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject of geography provides an opportunity to the students from different fields to learn geography as it figures in the subject combination of social sciences, arts and natural sciences. The department strive to teach all the important branches of geography ranging from regional to systematic geography and from physical to human geography. Geography has a rich heritage of contributing to social good as it provides a number of job opportunities to its students in diverse fields of life. In fact, the geography students who graduated from this college occupy important positions in administration and academics. It is important to mention here that the subject of geography has proved to be an important option in civil services examinations. I welcome you to the department of geography where a very young, competent and learned faculty is always engaged to translate your talent into scientific achievements, academic excellence, social service and prosperity. 01932-222308