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It is a moment of great pleasure for me to make the students, who are desirous to opt Botany as one of the subjects, aware that Botany deals with the study of various aspects of plants— conventional and non-conventional. Ever since the department was established, the department has produced a large number of stalwarts who have taken lead in various walks of life like Medicine, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Sericulture, Administrative services etc. The main goal of the department at present is to impart quality education and inculcate the attitude of applied research in the minds of new entrants. In future, the department is going to introduce some more subject specific /skill based courses which is the need of the hour, so that the students may get an opportunity to work in any part of the world and can compete with the students of any prestigious institution. By introducing such courses the main aim of the department is to produce entrepreneurs out of the students, so that they may not become merely employees but employers. I want to convey the students that the department has a rich faculty and some of them have strong research background. I advise students to opt Botany as one of the subjects so as to get benefitted from the research work of the well versed researchers that will ultimately help in the welfare of the whole mankind/society. 01932-222308