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Year of Establishment 1969
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Associate Professors (01) : Assistant Professors (06)

Zoology is a branch of biology which is concerned with the study of animal kingdom and broadly studies interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species. The specific learning goal for zoology at undergraduate level is to provide students with a working knowledge of fundamental principles in zoology that will provide a foundation for their later advanced course work in more specific biological subjects. In recent years, the importance of zoology has increased manifold, and there has been efforts made by biologists to integrate zoology with other allied field in order to maximize the benefits of studying zoology. As there has been tremendous progress in science and technology, various areas of zoology have also transformed according to new needs and demands. Last but not least, zoology finds its scope in each and every sector like health, agriculture, industries, biodiversity conservation, understanding evolution and much more.


The department harbors the best infrastructural facilities. The department has three well equipped laboratories to fulfill the needs of undergraduate students and one zoological research laboratory for conducting research in various thrust areas of zoology especially aphidology, nematology, parasitology and aquatic toxicology. The department is well equipped with a museum having more than 500 bottle specimens, many preserved reptiles, birds and mammals. The museum is also having a rich collection of bones and skeletons for practical purposes and various fauna specimens collected by the students from their field tours. The department has a very good equipment facility, including many digital microscopes, BOD incubator, refrigerators, tissue homogenizer, double distillation water unit, digital soil and water analyzing kit, conductivity meter, pH meter and other equipments for carrying out research and practical sessions of the undergraduate students. The students are also provided with the facility of dissection material so that they may learn properly the method of learning by doing. The students also utilize the internet facility and projector assisted classrooms in the department. The department is highly motivated for enrichment of life sciences.


The Department of Zoology has a reputation of producing great manpower in the form of academicians, researchers and administrative officers. The alumni of this department are presently serving in various elite educational and administrative departments. Interestingly, all the current faculty members of the department are also the alumni of the department. Recently, the department has started society outreach programmes under which memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with SPEAK-NGO. Under this programme, faculty members and students participated in many activities like rehabilitation of endangered fauna, aquarium management, cleanliness drives, etc. The department has also established the zoological research laboratory in order to inculcate research aptitude among the students at an early stage besides carrying out cutting edge research. So, far the faculty members have published their research findings in the form of books, book chapters, manuscripts, review articles with the publishing houses of scientific repute. The faculty members are doing well in both teaching and research as is depicted by their API scores, citation indices, impact factor, i-10 indices and h-indices. To stay ahead of the curve in new advances of zoology and its interdisciplinary domains, we strive to have more innovative and skill based courses that will help us develop skilled human resource ready for the modern industry.