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The department of zoology began as an offshoot of the Government Degree College Anantnag in 1969 and is one of the biggest and oldest departments of the college. The faculty of the department is well qualified, experienced and highly energetic having a zeal for teaching and inculcating research aptitude among students in various thrust areas of zoology like Aphidology, Aquaculture, Entomology, Environmental biology, Ichtyology, biology, limnology, Nematology, Parasitology, Toxicology and Wildlife. Zoology course provides basic insights in understanding the animal world from basic level as well as at molecular level besides promoting the development of intellect and creativity among the students. The Department is competent in academic excellence and offers study courses like B.Sc with zoology as one of the core subjects and provides opportunities to educate and inspire students for pursuing higher education in many job oriented streams. If you are interested in taking up zoology as one of the subjects at your graduate level , you will have an opportunity to study other subsidiary fields like Animal Biodiversity, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates, Developmental Biology, Immunology, Physiology and Applied Zoology (Apiculture, Aquaculture and Sericulture). New equipments are being added regularly to laboratories to meet the current needs of students in zoology. The study tours are also being organized for the students to collect fauna from different areas of Kashmir as a requirement of their studies. I am confident that we have excelled in every initiative that we undertook and we are standing together in facing the challenges of realizing our goal of imparting quality education. I hope that our department is and will provide positive, productive, skilled and trained manpower to join the work force, well prepared in the areas of zoology and its relevant fields. It is an exciting time to be a zoologist – join us! If you are interested in the learning about animals and want hands-on learning and career opportunities, then Department of Zoology, Government Degree College Anantnag is the right choice for you. 01932-222308