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Seed Technology-[Profile..]

Year of Establishment 2002
Faculty Position:
Assistant Professors (02)
Intake Capacity
80 Seats

Seed represents the most important product of plant life cycle. Human beings have long recognition for the essential role of seeds in crop establishment and improvement. Seed production technology and other activities related to the seed is highly technical and exacting task. It calls for high level management and technically sound organization/human resource. The scientific production, processing, storage, distribution and maintenance of essential seed quality attributes at all stages of seed multiplication are activities which are included in the broad discipline of SEED TECHNOLOGY.

The course in the seed technology at under-graduate level is intended to develop the skills of the students and prepare them for their career development in this new area of specialization for both private and public sector and options for self employment too.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department has one fully equipped laboratory and one Field Experimental Station (for conducting field experiments) of about 2 kanals of land. All the accommodation is shared with department of Botany.