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Physics, a fundamental and indispensable science is a combined quantum of both theoretical and experimental work in which the whole creation whether natural or man-made has been and is solved and tabulated into universal laws and concepts. Being the mother of most scientific phenomena, it covers a wide range; from the building blocks of universe like quarks, leptons, mesons, bosons to massive universal objects like supernova, neutron stars, black holes, dark matter etc. The subject has a dynamic research on how the universe was created, how the birth of life has took place and what are the future phenomena.

The subject has played a backbone role in building the theories of fundamental particles, their behavior and the most important property of particle mass. At the beginning the subject was limited to certain phenomena only, but currently the subject divergence has extended to near infinity by involving branches of varied scientific areas like classical physics, quantum physics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics, biophysics, information physics, nuclear and particle physics,optics and so on

The Department was established in 1950 and presently has a faculty strength of 06 members(Associate professors, Assistant professors) covering the different areas of the subject both theoretically and experimentally. All the faculty members are involved in a healthy research, working on different collaborative projects. The faculty members are perfectly talented and have an enormous potential to undertake all courses of the subject at the graduate level. They are using different communicative skills for the better understanding of the students. Finally it is not a tricky gained subject but it needs an enormous potential, patience, better understanding and the most important that is fertile minds.

“It needs a touch of a genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”

(Albert Einstein) 01932-222308