Degree College Anantnag..


Year of Establishment 1985
No. of Batches Passed 29 (Twenty Nine)
Mr. Altaf Hussain Mir    
Faculty Position:
Assistant Professors (04)
Intake Capacity
320 Seats

The discipline of Geography, popularly known as mother of all sciences, has nurtured the development of human civilisations from times immemorial. In fact, the first drop of the ocean of knowledge was Geography. The contemporary thrust on Inter-disciplinary approach has added more significance to the subject of Geography because the subject is inherently multidisciplinary. The dichotomous evolution of the subject of geography has given it a peculiar position in the classification of sciences where it bridges the gap between natural and social sciences. The shift in thrust from ideographic to nomothetic approach along with the advent of remote sensing and GIS technology has established the role of geography to overcome contemporary challenges like Climate Change, Global Warming, Floods, Earthquakes, Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters etc. Geography at present not only contributes enormously to social good but also simulates the future scenarios for efficient management and sustainable development of available resources. In fact, the aim of modern Geography and medical sciences coincide – to postpone death and to reduce sufferings.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department is presently housed in a separate eight room building with adequate space.

1. Labs  :  02
2. Staff Room  :   01
3. Store Rooms  :   02
4. Class Room  :   01
5. Lab Asstt. Room  :   01
6. Equipments  :   The Department of Geography has procured a good number of instruments and teaching aids for effective teaching/learning of Geography. The main Lab. equipment and drawing/surveying material procured so far comprises of Overhead Projector; Slide Projector; Stencils and drawing equipment; Survey of India Toposheets; Dumpy level; Theodolite; Plane Table sets; Prismatic compass sets; Surveying chains; Different earth feature models, globes and charts; Digital camera (high resolution); Video films on geographic phenomena; Large screen TV; GPS; Wind Vane; Weather station; Computer and Printer.