Degree College Anantnag..


Year of Establishment 1969
Dr. Mohd Abbas Shah    
Faculty Position:
Associate Professors (03); Assistant Professors (07)

Chemistry deals with the study of matter, energy and their interaction. Being the central science, it plays an important role in human life. It is only because of chemistry, we are able to meet the growing demands of clothing, food, medicine and shelter etc. Application of chemistry has revolutionized the fields of medicine, drugs, pharmaceuticals, materials etc and made our life comfortable. Chemistry is thus vital for life and studying it helps us to understand the real world.

Infrastructural facilities:

Our department houses best infrastructural facilities for teaching as well as research. The department has three well established labs. for meeting the needs of UG students and one lab. exclusively for research purposes. The labs. are fully equipped with quality instruments, 24x7 water supply, besides a gas bank and separate digital fume-hoods. Apart from computing facility our department has safe drinking water facility along with power back-up for instruments.


Our department has a rich heritage of producing high quality human resource who are serving people in various fields viz, academics, administration, research etc. The department has recently set up a research lab for its faculty members and during the last few years several high impact peer reviewed papers have been published. The faculty members are performing well in terms of number of publications, citation-index and h-index.