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Persian language has remained official language of Jammu and Kashmir state for about six centuries. During this period it has influenced the culture, art and the regional languages of the state to a great extent. Due to the literary domain and socio-cultural significance, the Persian subject was introduced in the College with a view to impart higher education, protect the cultural heritage and promote the composite culture in the state.

Persian language has played an indispensable role in the introduction of the religion of Islam in Kashmir. The most significant contribution of Persian language is the role played by it in the introduction of Islamic Science, language, literature, arts and crafts. Madrassas were established in which reputed scholars of ran were deputed for the promotion of the language in the state.

The then Rulers promoted the language as the official language and therefore by and large Persian language and literature were introduced in the valley and in a short period of time the language touched the stars of popularity. The subject is unique in the sense that thousands of books about Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine and other branches of science are present in its script. 01932-222308