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Department of Islamic Studies-[Profile..]

Year of Establishment 1982
Faculty Position
Assistant Professor (01)

Islamic studies is an integrated academic discipline that aims at the study of Revealed Sources of knowledge (Quran and Sunnah). It explores Islam as a religion, history, culture and civilization. It aims at the study of modern developments in the Muslims world vis-à-vis the West, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Contemporary Muslim World, Mysticism and, above all, Islamic ethical, legal, social economic and Human Rights theories founded on its universal, broader and tolerant principles.

The subject also addresses the recent trends and challenges,like Fundamentalism, Islamophobia, orientalism and Gender Justice. It has been a subject taught in the major universities of the world including Oxford and California Universities. There is a wide scope of the subject at international level keeping in view the recent geo-political conditions, the Arab Spring, and the growing religious sectarianismin the West-Asia and South-Asia.


Department of Islamic studies has a sophisticated library with both modern and classical titles. The classrooms are spacious with manifold features for good teaching. The college does provide a smart lab and Audio Visual room for smart teaching. Due to the absence of a separate department, we officiate from the cabin of workstations.


The department has a successful out-put in human resource management. The born product has made it to Higher education learning. Its students have traversed the journey of learning to the optimum by obtaining the highest academic posts at University of Kashmir. A good number of students have not only qualified NET and JRF but have done Ph.D. as well. 01932-222308