Govt. Degree College, Anantnag

Online Examination Registration Portal

1. Regular students of GDC Anantnag (Boys) studying in BG-2nd Semester who failed to appear in online Examinations conducted by college in the month of July 2020, due to some unavoidable circumstances are directed to register for examination on the link given below.
2. This is a final chance given to the candidates (Missing Candidates).The candidates who fail to register on the given link and once again fail to appear in the examinations shall be treated absent and the status shall be reflected in the awards that are to be submitted to the Kashmir University soon after the completion of the examination. Kashmir University.
4. Last date of Registration is 25 August, 2020.
Note: Students of other colleges (other than GDC Boys Anantnag) contact their respective colleges for the examination.

Link to Fill Your Registration Form