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Study Material

Serial Material Downloads Date
1Study Material of Skill Course - Statistical MethodsDownload16-05-2019
2Study Material for 1st Semester - StatisticsDownload16-05-2019
3Study Material for 4th Semester - StatisticsDownload16-05-2019
4Study Material for 5th Semester - StatisticsDownload16-05-2019
5Study Material for BCOM 4th Semester - AccountingDownload15-05-2019
6Study Material for BCOM 6th Semester - Consumer ProtectionDownload15-05-2019
7Study Material for BBA 6th Semester - Financial Institutions and MarketDownload15-05-2019
8Study Material for BCOM 4th Semester - E-CommerceDownload15-05-2019
9Study Material for BCOM 5th Semester - Investment Ananlysis and Portfolio ManagementDownload15-05-2019
10Study Material for BBA 6th Semester - Business Policy and StrategyDownload15-05-2019
11Study Material for CA 4th Semester - Data StructuresDownload15-05-2019
12Study Material for BCA 5th Semester - Internet TechnologiesDownload15-05-2019
13Study Material for BCA 5th Semester - Data MiningDownload15-05-2019
14Study Material for CA 1st Semester - Computer Fundamentals Download15-05-2019
15Study Material for 5th Semester - Commerce (Banking and Insurance)Download13-05-2019
16Study Material for 5th Semester - GeologyDownload13-05-2019
17Study Material for 1st Semester - PhysicsDownload13-05-2019
18Study Material for 6th Semester - EducationDownload13-05-2019
19Study Material for 1st Semester - SericultureDownload11-05-2019
20Study Material for 4th Semester - CommerceDownload11-05-2019
21Study Material for 1st Semester - Environmental ScienceDownload11-05-2019
22Study Material for 4th Semester - ZoologyDownload11-05-2019
23Study Material for 5th Semester - BMMMCDownload11-05-2019
24Study Material for 4th Semester - BMMMCDownload11-05-2019
25Study Material for 1st Semester - BMMMCDownload11-05-2019
26Study Material for BBA 4th Semester - HRMDownload11-05-2019
27Study Material for 1st Semester - SociologyDownload11-05-2019
28Study Material for 5th Semester - CommerceDownload11-05-2019
29Study Material for 1st Semester - EconomicsDownload11-05-2019
30Study Material for 4th Semester - UrduDownload11-05-2019
31Study Material for 5th Semester - HistoryDownload10-05-2019
32Study Material for 4th Semester - BiotechnologyDownload10-05-2019
33Study Material for 1st Semester - Islamic StudiesDownload10-05-2019
34Study Material for 2nd and 3rd Semester - Islamic StudiesDownload10-05-2019
35Study Material for 4th Semester - Islamic StudiesDownload10-05-2019
36Study Material for 6th Semester - Islamic StudiesDownload10-05-2019
37Study Material for 1st Semester - ArabicDownload10-05-2019
38Study Material for 5th Semester - Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering)Download10-05-2019
39Study Material for 6th Semester - Political ScienceDownload10-05-2019
40Study Material for 6th Semester - SociologyDownload10-05-2019
41Study Material for 2nd Semester - EducationDownload10-05-2019
42Study Material for 5th Semester - Chemistry (Polymer Chemistry)Download10-05-2019
43Study Material for 6th Semester - ElectronicsDownload10-05-2019
44Study Material for 1st Semester - GeographyDownload10-05-2019
45Study Material for 4th Semester - ChemistryDownload10-05-2019
46Study Material for BBA 1st Semester - Entrepreneurship DevelopmentDownload10-05-2019
47Study Material for 5th Semester - Political ScienceDownload10-05-2019
48Study Material for 6th Semester - GeologyDownload10-05-2019
49Study Material for 1st Semester - ChemistryDownload09-05-2019
50Study Material for 5th Semester - Electronics IIIDownload09-05-2019
51Study Material for 5th Semester - Electronics IIDownload09-05-2019
52Study Material for 5th Semester - Electronics IDownload09-05-2019
53Study Material for 1st Semester - Mathematics Download09-05-2019
54Study Material for 4th Semester - MathematicsDownload09-05-2019
55Study Material for 6th Semester - ZoologyDownload09-05-2019
56Study Material for 5th Semester - ZoologyDownload09-05-2019
57Study Material for 5th Semester - Chemistry (Green Chemistry)Download09-05-2019
58Study Material for 1st Semester - Commerce (Business Organization & Management)Download09-05-2019
59Study Material for 5th Semester - EducationDownload09-05-2019
60Study Material for 1st Semester - UrduDownload09-05-2019
61Study Material for 5th Semester - UrduDownload09-05-2019
62Study Material for 6th Semester - EnglishDownload08-05-2019
63Study Material for 6th Semester - GeographyDownload08-05-2019
64Study Material for 5th Semester - EconomicsDownload08-05-2019
65Study Material for 4th Semester - EconomicsDownload08-05-2019
66Study Material for 5th Semester - EnglishDownload08-05-2019
67Study Material for 6th Semester - Statistics VDownload07-05-2019
68Study Material for 6th Semester - Statistics IVDownload07-05-2019
69Study Material for 6th Semester - Statistics IIIDownload07-05-2019
70Study Material for 6th Semester - Statistics IIDownload07-05-2019
71Study Material for 6th Semester - Statistics IDownload07-05-2019
72Study Material for 5th Semester - BotanyDownload07-05-2019
73Study Material for 4th Semester - BotanyDownload07-05-2019
74Study Material for 4th Semester - GeographyDownload07-05-2019
75Physics 6th Sem Notes.Download05-06-2018
76Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 8Download04-06-2018
77Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 7Download04-06-2018
78Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 6Download04-06-2018
79Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 5Download04-06-2018
80Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 4Download04-06-2018
81Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 3Download04-06-2018
82Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 2Download04-06-2018
83Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Media Appreciation 1Download04-06-2018
84Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Multimedia 2Download04-06-2018
85Mass Comm 6th Sem Study Material - Multimedia 1Download04-06-2018
86Study Material for 6th Sem (History) - Unit 3Download29-05-2018
87Study Material for 6th Sem (History) - Unit 2Download29-05-2018
88Study Material for 6th Sem (History) - Unit 1Download29-05-2018
89BBA Study Material - Public AdministrationDownload26-05-2018
90Geology Study Material 6th SemesterDownload26-05-2018
91Sericulture Study Material - Unit 3Download26-05-2018
92Sericulture Study Material - Unit 2Download26-05-2018
93Sericulture Study Material - Unit 1Download26-05-2018
94Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - SpectroscopyDownload26-05-2018
95Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - Quantum ChemistryDownload26-05-2018
96Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - PhotoChemistryDownload26-05-2018
97Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - Phase EquilibriumDownload26-05-2018
98Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - ElectroChemistryDownload26-05-2018
99Chemistry Study Material (5th & 6th Semester) - Chemical KineticsDownload26-05-2018
100Bio Technology 6th Sem Study Material- Bioprocess Technology.Download23-05-2018
101Bio Technology 6th Sem Study Material- Plant Technology.Download23-05-2018
102Sixth Semester Notes (Commerce) - AuditingDownload22-05-2018
103Sixth Semester Notes (Commerce) Cost AccountingDownload22-05-2018
104Sixth Semester Notes (Botany)Download22-05-2018
105Sixth Semester Notes (History)Download22-05-2018
106Sixth Semester Notes (BBA) - Services MarketingDownload22-05-2018
107Sixth Semester Notes (URDU)Download22-05-2018
108Sixth Semester Notes (Zoology) - Unit 4Download18-05-2018
109Sixth Semester Notes (Zoology) - Unit 3Download18-05-2018
110Sixth Semester Notes (Economics) Part 5Download17-05-2018
111Sixth Semester Notes (Economics) Part 4Download17-05-2018
112Sixth Semester Notes (Economics) Part 3Download17-05-2018
113Sixth Semester Notes (Economics) Part 2Download17-05-2018
114Sixth Semester Notes (Economics) Part 1Download17-05-2018
115Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 7Download17-05-2018
116Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 6Download16-05-2018
117Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 5Download16-05-2018
118Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 4Download16-05-2018
119Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 3Download16-05-2018
120Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 2Download16-05-2018
121Sixth Semester Notes (English) Part 1Download16-05-2018
122Sixth Semester Notes (Statistics) - 5Download16-05-2018
123Sixth Semester Notes (Statistics) - 4Download16-05-2018
124Sixth Semester Notes (Statistics) - 3Download16-05-2018
125Sixth Semester Notes (Statistics) - 2Download16-05-2018
126Sixth Semester Notes (Statistics) - 1Download16-05-2018
127Sixth Semester Notes (Geography) - Unit 3Download15-05-2018
128Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) - Unit 4Download15-05-2018
129Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) - Unit 3Download15-05-2018
130Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) - Unit 2Download15-05-2018
131Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) - Unit 1BDownload15-05-2018
132Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) - Unit 1ADownload15-05-2018
133Sixth Semester Notes (Geography) - Unit 4Download15-05-2018
134Sixth Semester Notes (Geography) - Unit 2Download15-05-2018
135Sixth Semester Notes (Geography) - Unit 1Download15-05-2018
136Sixth Semester Notes (Islamic Studies)Download15-05-2018
137Sixth Semester Notes (Political science)Download14-05-2018